She says, “I love the freedom that mixed media and assemblage art gives, it allows your creativity to run wild! Combine creativity with a bottle of Powertex and some motivational quotes and you have a recipe that dreams are made of.

As a mixed media artist, Powertex is my favourite go-to medium because of its versatility. It’s a non-toxic, water based, universal medium which coats just about everything, from mixed fibres to metal embellishments and even resin. But even better, you can use Stone Art Powder mixed in with Powertex to make clay which you can stamp into.

It will coat your projects like paint and it will glue them too. As it’s slow setting, it gives you some time to play around with composition, so if you don’t like a positioning of an element you can simply pick it up and move it to another place. You really can push Powertex to the limits and get experimental with it, all you need is a dash of imagination, a can-do attitude and you are guaranteed instant gratification!”

Check out the full step by step tutorial in the June issue
of Craft Stamper magazine to recreate the look!