She says:

“Not only do I love layering paints to create depth in my work, I also love adding mediums to the mix to provide more texture and visual interest. During this project, I concentrated on developing rich texture and colour as well as beautiful embellishments.

 This MDF frame made by Tando Creative is a substrate I like to use as it will take any amount of washes, paint, spray and layering of products for mixed media work.

Sometimes we have to change the way we work to suit each creation and creating this project was just one of those times for me. Normally I have an idea but not necessarily a picture of the finished product in my head and just work intuitively. This time I sat and researched the idea, building a sketch of the design and listing the techniques and colour blends I wanted to use. This gave me more control over the finished result and I am really happy with what I finished up with; it looks very close to the original sketch!” 

Check out the full step by step tutorial in the September issue
of Craft Stamper magazine to recreate the look!