Tracy says:       

“This is a great, fun for all ages technique. A cheap salad spinner is perfect for this technique and can be used over and over again to create wonderful mixed media backgrounds for all types of focal imagery.

It is best to completely cover your work area or work outside as the paint will eventually build up on the inside of the spinner and start to drip out of the bottom. You could also use a recycled box to place the spinner inside to prevent any stray paint on your table.

This is an old technique that has been used for many years and  when I stumbled upon it again and I thought it would be great to incorporate it into a winter project. I love this technique, it’s fun and every piece creates a unique design. You can also experiment with different paints to achieve different looks.

I found Distress paint worked well with this technique as you could then spritz the paint with water to blend the colours a little more”

For a full, pictorial, step by step tutorial for this project, check out the December issue of Craft Stamper!