Riikka Says:

“Humble masking tape is a very versatile and valuable product for layering and creating texture. It’s neutral color makes it perfect for colouring and using in every project. Masking tape is available in almost any DIY store and it’s inexpensive, too!


One of the great things about masking tape is that it’s a adhesive tape, so no further adhesives are needed. But as it is low tack, if you have placed the tape in the wrong place, it comes off nicely. This property also makes it perfect for transferring things.  


The tape is translucent, which makes it fun to use on top of colours and patterns. Try for example, stamping a pattern in black and then dulling the look down by layering a piece of tape on top.


I’m sharing five techniques to get you going but there are plenty of ways to use this wonderful tape!”  


To see 5 detailed tutorials on masking tape techniques, please see the August 2016 issue of Craft Stamper!