She says:

When I saw the fabulous elephant shape, I immediately thought of vintage toys (as you do!) I decided to use the template to create a pull along toy, and added a quirky feel to the assemblage with the addition of a fairy sitting on top. The elephant itself is created from three layers of patterned paper. As the ear is a 3D element that can be seen on both sides, I wanted to make sure anyone looking didn’t see the white side of the paper. This meant that I glued two sheets back to back to form a double sided patterned piece. The third sheet of paper was glued behind the aperture created when the ear was cut out, so everything looks the same. Book pages glued to the chipboard circles (pretend wheels) and the wooden block gave an immediate vintage look, and I then added some colour with smeared paint. My fairy is a cut out from a vintage image, with some book paper wings and a crown. I hope she is sitting comfortably!


This article features in the March 2017 issue of Craft Stamper magazine