She says:

“Most of the methods I have used on this project are cost effective and allow you to have fun practising on the techniques without blowing your budget! The base of the project is an old gift box with some cotton spools as legs. Using a good strong glue to attach the legs is advisable. 

To create an aged texture on my shadowbox make, I applied Rust Paste and developed a faux crackle by combining heat embossing and gesso. I really love the finished effect as it transforms the plain new gift box into a beautiful rustic looking container for art.


For the acrylic ‘skin’ technique, a non-stick craft mat, baking paper or silicone mat is an essential piece of equipment, as it will allow the paint to be peeled off the surface once thoroughly dry. Natural drying time works best, (I left mine overnight) although you can speed up the drying process with a heat tool which will set the top layer of paint. I used liquid inks with gesso but you can also use paints or powdered pigments instead for different finishes.”

Check out the full step by step tutorial in the October issue
of Craft Stamper magazine to recreate the look!