Jenny created this stunning canvas, in wonderful shades of ochre and pink

She says:


Using what could be considered non-traditional winter colours helped me to capture the glow of early evening light on a snow-laden scene, and I enjoyed experimenting with the water-reactive properties of Distress Paints to create that peaceful look for this canvas.

Whilst Distress Paints give an opaque matte finish, by adding different amounts of water to them you can achieve more translucent effects which allow for the building of layers of colour.

I enjoyed using lots of water with a small amount of paint to add less intense colour to the stamped image, allowing it to remain visible. Keeping the watercolour cardstock wet throughout the process meant the colours blended beautifully to create a soft look that was permanent when dry.

A smaller amount of water was used with the paints when creating the background to give greater depth and encourage the colours to run and drip. I found that by allowing each layer to dry in this way, more distinct patterns could be achieved.

Finally, brushing undiluted paint over the uneven texture created with Distress Grit-Paste allowed for some of the white paste to show through, and the same paints were used to create bespoke coloured card for layering purposes.


This project first featured in the January 2017 issue of Craft Stamper magazine