She says:

“Do you know your style of creating, do you place a label upon your style? I favour projects which are tactile, featuring a mixture of textures. To save on time, I alter the appearance of a variety of elements and textures whilst my supplies are already out for another main project. It only takes a few extra moments to alter extra pieces.  Those extras allow me to create subsequent projects which might continue my initial theme or a beautiful springboard for a new project idea without having to take time to gather supplies once more to rust/stain.


By working in this way, it gives me added freedom when assembling projects. I might prepare some extra elements with a loose intention of including in a specific project but on a whim, my mind changes! I simply put them aside for another future idea. This was my process for the Heart and Soul Journal with coordinating artist trading card.”


Check out the full step by step tutorial in the February issue
of Craft Stamper magazine to recreate the look!