Deb Wainwright created this fabulous hand drawn elephant in her art journal

She says:

I was inspired to create Elly after a visit to Breton Country Park where in one of their galleries I saw a collection of circus paintings in ink and watercolour. One was of a magnificent elephant in her full finery, and I just knew then, that I wanted to create something similar!

First I wet the paper and then added my colour, letting them bleed out. I worked quickly so the colours didn't dry and were able to blend seamlessly. I kept the colours light in the central area to contrast with the elephant.

I lightly sketched the elephant in place so I was able to see where to add my bubbles and later my stars. I then built up the colour on the elephant with pencils. I also used a water brush with the pencils as it gave me more control.

I stamped the flowers in place, but as I wanted Elly to be the feature, I left them just inked in black. I love the balance it gave to the piece as it picked up on the black ink work on Elly.

This project first featured in the February 2017 issue of Craft Stamper magazine