She says: “I love making art journals. Filling the pages of a handmade journal with my favourite stamps and marks really makes me happy. I never created a Christmas themed art journal before but to my surprise it was fun to do!“


Stamps Anneke used...

  • PaperArtsy: JOFY08; JOFY20; JOFY26; JOFY36; JOFY45; JOFY63; JOFY65; JOFY68

Other materials…

  • PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics: Pixie Dust; Cherry Red; Mermaid; Gold; Caribbean Sea
  • Dina Wakley Media Paint: Lime
  • Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylics: Titanium White
  • Ranger Archival ink: Jet Black
  • Gel Press: Gel Press Petites
  • Dina Wakley Media Tools
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Trimmings
  • White Sharpie
  • Black Fineliner
  • Graphite pencil
  • Mini pompons



Step-by-step… Blizzard Book

Attach the gel plate to an acrylic block and use it as a stamp. Apply dots of paint to the plate, spread out with your fingers.​

2 Scribble into the paint with a Dina Wakley Media Tool before printing. Print on 180gsm A3 paper.


3 Apply white, golden, pink and red dots to the plate with your fingers. Print randomly to add marks. Make ghost prints as well.

4 Do not cover the entire plate with paint. This way you’ll end up with some interesting white space on your prints. Vary the marks you make into the paint.

5 Print with white paint on top of parts that turned out too bright. Overprint uninteresting parts by making stripes with golden or lime paint. 

6 Make marks on top of the gel prints by picking up paint from the plate using a Dina Wakley Media Tool.


7 Cut pages out of the A3 prints. Two inner pages: 14.5 x 28 cm (fold in half). Two outer pages: 14.5 x 42 cm (fold in 3 accordion wise).

8 For a spine with room for 8 single pages cut a sheet of Kraft paper 19.3 x 19.1 cm. For instructions on how to fold the spine, check out the YouTube video I recommend!

9 Lift the triangles at the top and bottom. Align the first page with the fold of the spine. Fold the triangles back down to lock the spread in place. Repeat for all pages.


To finish the project: 

Fold the extra flap on the first and last spread to the outside and slide into the spine. Machine stitch the inside pages together, two by two. Fold tabs from fabric and attach while stitching. 

To decorate the pages start by stamping stars using paint. Outline the marks on the gel prints. Stamp text, berries, flowers and a wreath directly onto the pages. Colour with paint. Stamp baubles, stars and tree on painted paper, cut out and attach. Cut a tree out of pink paper. Add text and ribbon and attach to the front page. Make marks on each page with a Sharpie.

This project first featured in the December 2018 issue of Craft Stamper magazine