She says, “I love the poet, Muriel Rukeyser's quote that ‘the world is made of stories’, and where better to tell a story and create a world of your own than on a mixed media canvas? For this project I sailed to a ‘Land Far, Far Away’ on two hinged chunky box canvases – and who should I find when I arrive but the Owl and the Pussycat?

Using the reverse of a box canvas creates an instant shadowbox effect and if you decorate the front too, you can have the best of both worlds. Adding hinges creates a project that can be viewed from all angles and held like a treasured old book. For the waves, I used Modroc; a plaster gauze that when wet can be moulded to create sculptural forms. Once the Modroc is dry, it sets hard and can be painted and embellished.

For this project, my aim was to create something ‘outside the box’ and somewhere between a mixed media canvas and a handmade storybook. You can display these canvases on a shelf, folded or opened out – or even as a bookend on a shelf of precious volumes.”

Take a look at the April issue of Craft Stamper magazine to discover the full tutorial!