Using The Site

All websites seem to have a 'feel' as to how they operate and this one is no exception. The site is updated daily in one or several areas and new home page articles appear several times a week in the right side vertical column. At the same time these articles are filed into sections accessed via the 'Projects' and 'Features' tab at the top of the page. All areas of the site have their own tab.

The site is free to join and doing so activates your 'My Account' pod on the top left of the page. This pod has all your information and access to the digital articles. 

Password or logging in problems?

Sometimes that password just doesn't seem to work or other technical problems can appear. We can certainly re-set passwords and help with log-on issues so please send an email Alex Marshall at​ quoting your name.

We can also sometimes help with other more user specific technical problems so, again, feel free to drop Alex a line and we'll do our best to help.

Getting Help

If you're seeking information, perhaps in urgent need then the site search box at the top left hand corner of the home page is the best place to start. I'll search all areas of the site and save you trawling through each section. 

Getting in touch with us

The 'Contact' article here contains a full list of names and numbers for Craft Stamper magazine editorial, subscription queries, advertising etc. 

Please note that Craft Stamper Magazine is an independent publication produced by MyTimeMedia Media.