Craft Stamper Printables!


We are thrilled to be sharing our brand new printables series. Each month, Craft Stamper will be sharing one (or sometimes 2!) totally free sheets of elements, all ready for you to print off and use in your art.

We’ll have a mixture of images, backgrounds, sentiments and templates for you to play with, all created by the Craft Stamper team. Have a great idea for a printable element? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Don't worry if you miss a month, all of the Printable Sheets are here below.


This month... We have ready to print versions of our exclusive images, the wonderful brushes created by Triona and the ‘make art’ words. We’ve added two different sizes of each to the printables sheet, giving you even more versatility. We also have some fabulously large paint brushes, scanned and shared by the CS team. Again, lots of sizes so perfect for larger projects as well as cards. There are (of course!) some spooky Halloween images too, a pumpkin and three sizes of crow for you to use. Jaine has designed a wonderful trellis border, and we have a selection of useful words too. If that wasn’t enough, on our second sheet this month we have a music score and a cow measuring (yes really!) chart. We’ve given you both a black and white image and a ‘just as it was scanned in’ vintage colour too. Phew… we spoil you!


We can’t wait to see what you all create using our printables, so feel free to share on our facebook page, or email our team a picture at: editor.cs@mytimemedia/com. We’d love to take a peek!

Our Digital Images/Polymer Stamp/Printables Angel Policy: The polymer stamp is exclusive to Craft Stamper magazine, My Time Media. Artwork used in all our images (polymer stamp/digital image/printables elements) is exclusive to Craft Stamper magazine, My Time Media and the original Artist/s. Triona Walsh and Trish Latimer own copyright over the original artwork, so you may not use any of these images (polymer stamp/digital image/printables elements) to manufacture stamps or any other products for commercial use. You are free to use all images (polymer stamp/digital image/printables elements) in any handmade project, including those for commercial sale. Digitally manipulating the digital images by size or orientation is allowed. Altering images by computer in any other way is not permitted. Do not share, sell or claim any stand alone image (polymer stamp/digital image/printables elements) as your own. You may not distribute, sell, publish or broadcast without the prior permission of Craft Stamper.


Click here for the October Printables Sheet 1 

Click here for the October Printables Sheet 2 


Click here for the November Printables Sheet 1 

Click here for the November Printables Sheet 2