So... how do you get your hands on our wonderful August digital image?

Simply right click each image to save it to your computer.


Open the image in whatever graphics programme your prefer, it could be Word, Photoshop, Paint, Illustrator, Publisher etc
Manipulate the image if you wish, making it smaller, larger or flipping it
Save the manipulated image, then print it off
Colour and use on your art projects!

We really hope you enjoy your digital images!


Our Digital Images/Polymer Stamp Angel Policy: Trish Latimer owns copyright over the original artwork, so you may not use these images to manufacture stamps or products for commercial use. You are free to use the images in any handmade project, including those for commercial sale. Any polymer stamping must be hand-stamped. Manipulating digital images by size or orientation is allowed. Do not share, sell or claim any stand alone image as your own.